MBD Support(Model-Based Design/development)

Model Based Design/Development has become common knowledge in the automotive industry.Our company provide practical development support of MBD with Mr. Takanobu Aoyama who is a pioneer of this field, as an evangelist.


①Training Service
・MBD Beginner Training. e.g. What is MDB?
・MBD Practical Training
  ・HILS Installation and Operation
  ・MILS Installation and Operation
  ・Model Development and Verification
②Support Service
・Model Creation Support(Controller, Plant)
・Installation Support of HILS, SILS, and MILS

Hybrid Powertrain Control System Development

Hybrid Vehicle which combines “environment” and “driving” occupies an important position as the face of a new car. Our company is actively working as mainly business area on development of control specifications for HV, design vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit), and conformity evaluation.



Driving Support Control System Development

Recently, eco-friendly, safe and comfortable cars are desired, and electronic control systems which provide various driving assistance have been installed in vehicles. We are working on development of those control system software, implementation development of vehicle ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on each vehicle.


運転支援制御系 システム開発

Vehicle ECU Hardware Designing / Evaluation

ECU, a brain of automotive electronic control, is required to have high reliability throughout the lifetime of our cars. It is also necessary to meeting inherent requirements considering all the market environment, and not to become a noise source affecting the outside. We are promoting a accumulation of total technical capabilities, not only software but also designing and evaluating of hardware for ECU development.


車載ECU ハードウェア設計・評価

Next Generation Technical Development / Research Support

We support advanced development and investigation analysis such as ITS using information communication and control technology (Intelligent Transport System), autonomous vehicle driving system using inter-vehicle or road-vehicle communication technology, and telematics subscription service (G-BOOK) that developed car navigation. In addition, we also working with our customer for a new technology field such as standard software platform development using for a large-scale vehicle ECU development, on-vehicle LAN development, and control model development.



Vehicle Electrical Performance Evaluation


A stage of development of mass production cars are conducted several actual vehicle evaluation examinations, and confirmed that there is no problems on the market. All the electric devices installed on vehicle are also conducted several performance evaluation, reliability evaluation, and vehicle conformity of regulation. We are promoting the accumulation of technical expertise with our customers so that we can make from evaluation to solution proposals for response to electrical noise that has become particularly important in recent years.